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Batch Cooker
كوكر بنظام الدفعات
1كوكر بنظام الدفعات.jpg
In this process, animal waste is transformed from indigestible food to indigestible food for the highest benefit that the bird or animal can benefit from and easy access to the necessary protein and mineral salts and the safe disposal of waste by raising the temperature to 133 Celsius at a pressure of 5 bar for sterilization, hydrogenation and disposal  Total of bacteria, fungi and viruses
- working pressure 5 bar
- Temp 133c
- Rotarg steam joint
Receiving Pin
هوبر استقبال الخامات
هوبر استقبال.jpg

The reception hopper is responsible for collecting poultry or calf waste to drive it to the cocker at the end of each batch (4-5 hours) and has the feature of keeping the raw materials closed to prevent odors

All slaughterhouse remnants are collected.

- Sizes from 5000 L up to 15000 L
- Capabilities from 7.5 Kw up to 15 Kw
Feather filter
مصفاة الريش
Collector Tank For Protein Powder

Product is being received from the Cooker and collections

- Sizes from 2000 L up to 10000 L
- Capabilities from 3 Kw up to 10 Kw
- Can be supplied with a steam jacket
Screw Conveyor
بريمات حلزونية
بريمات حلزونية.jpg

Its mission is to deliver waste materials and powder to connect the machines to each other, and it is manufactured in lengths commensurate with the engineering design of the site and diameters from 30 cm to 40 cm

- Different lengths up to 10 M
- Different diameters 30 Cm and 40 Cm
- Design is depending on location and Operating variables
Screen Vibrator
- It separates impurities and solids from protein powder
- Productivity from 3t / hours up to 10t / hours
Hammer Mill

It works to break up and soften the powder, especially when the juice is present

Screen Shot 07-04-21 at 04.38 PM.PNG
- Productivity from 5 t / hours, up to 10 t / hours
Scrubber Odor
برج ازالة الروائح
scrubber Odor برج ازالة الروائح.jpg

It removes non-condensable gases to get rid of odors through oxidation by adding oxidizing chemicals. It is characterized by the presence of a filler that bears up to 90 degrees, injection and rotation pumps, and a complete stainless steel factory

- Full of stainless steel
- Filling of the highest quality
- Water dispensers
- Sizes suitable for Cooker from 5000 liters up to 10000 liters

The condenser intensifies the gases escaping from the cocker to be the first stage of getting rid of odors and is characterized by the presence of an appropriate heat exchange area and the cooling medium is water, and in this process approximately 70% of the gases are converted to liquid

- works to condenses 90% of emitted gases of cocker
- Heat exchange area up to 65 M2
Cooling Tower
أبراج التبريد
برج التبريد.jpg

It cools the condenser to save more water

- (Capabilities- power ) from 40 t up to 150 t cooling
- Stuffing of the finest up to 90 degree
- The pelvis made of stainless
- Dimensions 180 Cm *180 Cm *300 Cm
Disk dryer
ديسك دراير
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