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Calves slaughterhouses
مجازر عجول
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Rotary Slaughter Box
  • The first approved rotary killing  box, Coded by the Industrial Development Authority, and get quality certificates

  • It is hydraulically fully operational

  • Provider with Joystick

  • Capacity is 11 kw

  • Fits calves up to 750 kg, In addition to Provide special sizes

  • Dimensions 300* 200* 400 Cm

Automatic poultry slaughterhouses
مجازر دواجن
ميزان الدواجن    2222.jpg
حوض غسيل.jpg

We manufacture the following machines

Weighing & Sorting Sys :

For Poultry  Slaughterhouses

Up to 3000 birds/ hours

From 6 drop station up to 12  station

Hock cutter


Screw Washing Chiller

- Different lengths from 3 M up to 6 M

- Suitable for poultry slaughter up to 6000 birds/ hours

- Mounted blower

- Provided with inverter

- Up to 11 Kw

- Full body made of stainless steel

Gizzard cleaning machine

Leg cutting machine

Plucking machine


Puller neck




Machine evisceration

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