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Quality and reliability are our motto
Future Engineering
For Industries
An Industrial Edifice on the 10th of Ramadam
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who are we
من نحن
  • Our company was established in 2005 and our company is considered a pioneer in the work of laser operation , iron and lathing operations.

  • Product quality is the essence of our development and the company carries out strict control over products in accordance with international.

  • In order to achieve the rapid development of the company and improve the quality and service awareness of the employees, our company adheres to the spirit of the company (technology and quality to achieve survival).

  • And the philosophy of work  (considering service as imposition and achieving development from credibility).

  • In view of the challenges of the labor market and the rapid development of technology, in 2012 we manufactured many poultry slaughterhouses, out of the state's support for local industries.

  • Our company is distinguished that we are the pioneers in the manufacture of animal waste recycling equipment in Egypt and the Middle East because of its many benefits to preserve the environment and invest in the field of feed to achieve the maximum benefit from all animal slaughter waste

Company Vision
رؤية الشركة

The company seeks to reach a distinguished position in the market by providing professional and innovative services to all factories and companies, especially poultry and calves slaughterhouses and major animal waste recycling companies, while adhering to punctuality in supply and periodic and emergency maintenance

Quality Certificates
سياسة الجودة
شهادة الجودة 12.jpeg

The company is keen to provide machines of high quality and technology and holds international certification certificates to ensure the best quality for customers

The Technical Office
المكتب الفنى وفريق العمل

We are distinguished by having the best design engineers to facilitate providing the best service to the customer and providing the best solutions using the latest design programs such as Solid Work, Revit and AutoCAD.


Our design team is highly trained and meets all customer requirements for technical support.

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